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The Worst Places to Live in Canada

If you are looking for the cheapest place to live in Canada, then Alberta might be a good choice. Its affordability makes it a good choice for many people, with the cost of living in Alberta being 22% lower than in British Columbia. While entertainment, rent, and dining out are all higher in BC, the cost of living in Alberta is lower. Because of this, many Canadians have chosen to live in Alberta rather than big cities like Vancouver or Toronto. You’ll find that many of the province’s smaller cities are affordable, have beautiful scenery, and offer a high quality of life.

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In terms of crime rates, Alberta ranks well above the national average. The number of crimes committed per capita in Edmonton is more than double that of Vancouver and Calgary. Its crime rates are also about twice as high as those in Toronto and Montreal. Despite these statistics, Edmonton is a great place to raise a family or a retiree. But if you want to experience the true beauty of Alberta, you should move to a safer neighborhood.

Crime rates are also high in Prince Albert, according to Global News. The area is plagued by mental health issues, addictions, gang activity, and poverty, and it’s no surprise that this region has a high crime rate. CBC News reports that there’s an alarming increase in gun and violent crime in this city. According to the report, a high percentage of gang members in Prince Albert are Indigenous. This is a result of British colonization. powerful idea

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