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How to Get Butterfly Locs Near Me

When you’re thinking about a butterfly loc style, you might be wondering how to get it. The good news is that there are many places in your local area that offer this service. The process is simple, but requires time and concentration. The video below provides a step-by-step guide to the process. It’s also worth watching if you want to get a better visual. Here are some tips for livemocha getting the perfect butterfly locs.

First, you need to have a base hair. You can either use your own hair or purchase some Marley hair from a local store. Either way, you’ll need a base braid of some sort. Most people use 22″ FreeTress Water Wave Braiding and Crochet Hair, but you can also purchase some other types of hair that will work. Make sure you choose a product that matches the style and texture of your lunarstorm natural hair.

After the initial step, you can begin the actual process. You can choose to use a braid and wrap method. This involves braiding your hair first, and then wrapping the water wave hair over the braids. Wrapping the water wave hair tightly at first will create more clumps that will continue to grow down the loc. After you’ve finished braiding, you can simply pull the excess hair over your thumb and create loops. Alternatively, you meetro can use a crochet needle and premade locs. This method tends to be faster, though.

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