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How Much Should I Pay For A Guest Post?

Guest post prices can vary considerably. Some companies charge as little as PS20 for a one-off post, while others offer packages containing multiple posts. Linkplicity’s pricing plan is a good example of the kind of pricing model you can expect, with packages including detailed cost breakdowns. It’s important to check with the website you’re planning to work with for specific costs and details.

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Measurement of results

There are several metrics that you can measure to see the results of your guest posting campaign. One of them is traffic, which is a good metric to use because it shows how popular your site is. Moreover, organic traffic will also send referral traffic back to your site, which improves your brand name in the eyes of new visitors. Why did Septuplets mccaughey father die at age 39 setting up the trampoline for kids?

Another metric that you can track is social shares. While this is not a direct measurement of traffic, social shares will give you an idea of the influence the guest post has on the readers. For example, a case study by Ahrefs shows a 20% increase in direct and organic traffic over a year.

Measurement of results is a crucial aspect of guest blogging, so it is important to determine what your goals are and how best to measure them. If you’re a thought leader, you might want to measure social media following, speaking engagements at conferences, and increased inbound leads. These metrics will help you determine whether or not this strategy is delivering the desired results.

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Avoiding cheap guest posts

Guest posting is a great way to generate backlinks for your website, but you have to be careful when choosing the right guest posting sites. If you choose the wrong sites, you could end up with a low-quality post that never sees the light of day. Avoid buying guest posts from cheap guest post farms. These sites are often spammed with spammy content and your post could end up on a site that is worthless.

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Secondly, a good guest post should contain links to other high-quality websites. This is because internal links pass link juice to your website and increase your page rank. The more internal links you have on your website, the better. You can buy links from websites that have thousands of visitors each month. The higher the domain authority, the more expensive your posts will be.

Finally, quality articles should be easy to read and contain at least a couple sentences. Using sub-headers and blockquotes will make even the longest posts easy to read. Images also help to illustrate ideas and break up long posts. Aside from making the content more compelling, images also help separate high-quality guest posts from SEO spam.

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